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BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH (Microporous High Perm) was developed specifically to meet today’s demanding expectations for an energy-efficient and healthy living environment.

BreatheEZ™ Plus is a residential and commercial-grade building wrap that is a 7 mil microporous non-woven engineered fabric. BreatheEZ™ Plus sheds water and reduces air in filtration yet allows the transfer of moisture vapor to the outside, creating a healthier and more energy efficient structure.

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BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH building wrap provides reliable weather protection for projects with high-perm moisture transfer requirements. In a market cluttered with house wraps, only BreatheEZ™ Plus offers the flexibility in choice of performance building wraps engineered for your specific requirements.


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BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH commercial-grade building wraps protect against air in filtration and moisture behind all types of exterior siding including wood, composite panels, vinyl, stucco, brick, stone, masonry, metal and insulated sheathings.
BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH are UV-stabilized to resist excessive degradation when left exposed for 180 days protecting the building envelope during construction.


Industry Leading Weather Protection: BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH building wraps excel by providing exceptional water and surfactant resistance to assure a drywall cavity while limiting air movement within the wall cavity increasing energy efficiency and home comfort.

Breathe-ability Options: Match the performance of building wrap to your breathe-ability requirements with BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH (High Perm) building wrap. Only BreatheEZ™ Plus gives you the option.

Stable: BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH building wraps are treated to resist excessive degradation from normal exposure to ultraviolet light and may be left exposed for up to 180 days.

Easy Installation: Lightweight (7 mil) and durable material is translucent making locating studs, openings, and corners quick and easy. Familiar installation process is simple and efficient.

Meets Building Codes: BreatheEZ™ Plus MPH meet or exceed applicable building codes for weather-resistant air barriers which are a critical component for a healthy, energy-efficient building.

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