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Advertise on the side of a building.
Get your logo and contact information on BreatheEZ™ House Wrap.
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KB Building Products is a leader in flexible custom printing. Our innovative printing process can handle:

  • multi logos side by side (builder’s and supplier’s logos) and messages
  • multi colors – up to 6 colors at no extra charge
  • imprint area size up to 29in. x 55in.
  • small quantities
  • no set up fees
  • ship nationwide

BreatheEZ™ Building Wraps are ideal billboards for advertising your company name and logo to a targeted and interested audience. Look at our photos and videos on our Custom Print House Wrap Page.

KB Building Products provides a high quality economically priced House Wrap product. In today’s economic times, we feel that you don’t need to overpay for House Wrap. KB Building Products has nowhere near the overhead as our competitors like Dupont, Dow and Pactiv. Because of our low overhead, we pass the savings on to you.

BreatheEZ™ House Wrap is a woven polyethylene product, engineered with micro-perforations, water vapor is allowed to escape from the substructure to promote drying in wall systems. When House Wrap is properly installed it can eliminate the mold and mildew that can occur in framing components and absorbent sheathing materials while improving the home’s energy efficiency. Click here to view the BreatheEZ brochure [PDF].

More added value products:

BreatheEZ™ Sheathing Tape is a thin, strong, white polypropylene film coated with an aggressive cold weather acrylic adhesive system. This system was specially formulated to have excellent performance characteristics at both sub-freezing temperatures and elevated temperatures along with good quick stick for ease in applying. Call for pricing.

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