KB Building Products Installation Guide for Breathe EZ House Wrap

Installation Guide

The translucent design of KB Building Products BreatheEZ eliminates the guesswork for the house wrap installer while cutting, fitting, and fastening.

1) Start with lowest course, 2-3 Feet from a corner. Wrap around corner and continue nailing or stapling as you move around the house. Fasteners must penetrate the stud or nail base material.

2) Secure BreatheEZ housewrap firmly in place by fastening it every 12″ to 18″ along the vertical studs using large-headed or plastic cap nails or 1″ crown staples. You may install it over wood-based sheathing, foam insulated sheathing, fiberboard sheathing, or exterior gypsum board.

3) Make an inverted Y cut in the housewrap at window rough opening. Then cut straight across the top and make diagonal cuts from the top corners to create a header flap.

4) Fold the three flaps in through the opening of the two sides and the sill fastening them inside with staples set about every 6 inches. Temporarily tape header flap up to expose nail base material. Install the sill flashing over the housewrap.

Please follow the window and door installation procedures. The nailing flange on most windows should go under the housewrap and attach directly to the substrate.

5) Install the sill flashing over the housewrap.

6) Apply sealant behind window flanges and install window.

Note: Windows must be installed in accordance with each manufacturer’s recommended guidelines and installation procedures.

Other Important Details

BreatheEZ Application with Existing Windows
If the window or door has already been installed, create a top flap so that the head flashing can be installed under the housewrap and over the flange. The head flashing is extended out 3-4 inches to each side, with the flap taped over it. On the remaining three sides, trim the housewrap close to the window flange and secure it to the flange with tape or caulk.

Things to Note

KB Building Products warrants that BreatheEZ Housewrap will be free of defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover any defect or damage due to abuse, mishandling or improper installation of the housewrap and KB Building Products will not be liable for any replacement material and labor costs. If materials are found to be defective BreatheEZ Housewrap will be replaced at no charge by KB Building Products.

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