KB Building Breathe EZ House Wrap Tape


Breathe EZ Sheathing Tape by KB Building Products for HousewrapWhite Sheathing Tape
Product Description:
A thin, strong, white polypropylene film coated with an aggressive cold weather acrylic adhesive system. This system was specially formulated to have excellent performance characteristics at both sub-freezing temperatures and elevated temperatures along with good quick stick for ease in applying.

Used primarily as a closure system and vapor seal on the seams of all exterior sheathing materials and BreatheEZ Housewrap. Can also be used to repair rips, punctures and tears on interior vapor barrier systems. This tape can be applied to door and window flanges, sill plates, corners, and joints to improve air tightness.

Technical Data:


Stainless Steel

Shear: 96 hrs@

Hot Shear: 20 min. @




(100oF/90% RH)

Imperial3 mils (.003″)16.0 oz/inch

65.0 oz/inch

2.2 psi

150oF/2.2 psi

20lbs/inch width


0.27 grams/100 in2

Metric0.076mm4.6 N/2.5cm

18.5 N/2.5cm

15.2 kPa

66oC/15.2 kPa

91 N/2.5cm


Shelf Life:
Recommend one year from date of receipt by customer when stored under optimum conditions (70oF, 50% RH)

The information cited is in good faith and has been established from sources held to be secure and reliable. The values listed are typical properties and are not intended to be used as specifications for defined applications. User must determine the product suitability for the end use application and assume all risks and liabilities.

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